Wagan EL2639-3 FRED Flashing Roadside Emergency Disc LED Flare, (Pack of 3)


FRED is equipped with 15 LEDs (12 Red, 3 White), has a full 360 degree visibility, can be seen up to a mile radius, and offers 9 Red LED Light modes with a 3 LED worklight mode too. A single On/Off/Mode button makes using the FRED simple without any complicated steps. Just press the button once to turn the FRED Light on and halfway depress the button to toggle between the 9 lighting modes. To turn the FRED Light off, just fully depress the button at any time. The 3 white LED worklight is perfect for up-close work and can help act as an under the hood light. With a shatterproof load capacity of up to 500kg, FRED is a tough light that almost anyone can use.

  • 15 LEDs
  • Storage bag included
  • Shatterproof
  • Strong Magnetic Backing & Hanging Hook
  • 360 degree visibility with up to a mile radius
  • 9 Lighting Modes + LED Worklight mode
  • IP55 Rated
  • Safe, will not start a fire or get hot
  • Helps you be seen or found

Lighting Modes (with Run times)

  • 3-LED flashlight (white): 6 hours
  • Double-blink: 9 hours
  • Double-pulse: 9 hours
  • Single-blink: 38 hours
  • Rotate: 9 hours
  • SOS Help (Morse code): 15 hours
  • Alternating: 9 hours
  • Solid-on high: 5 hours
  • Solid-on low: 28 hours
  • 2-LED flashlight (red): 9 hours