Female Quick Slide-1/4" Tab Width , Fully-Insulated, 22-18 AWG (Package 25)


The dual protection of heat shrink tubing, pre-shrunk around a nylon-insulated terminal, is an excellent product for harsh, over-the-road and off-road heavy equipment applications.
• Dual wall self-seals if accidentally punctured prior to heating
• Clear tubing allows visual inspection and shrinks faster than standard tubing
• Inspection hole completely seals when heat is applied
• Provides positive strain relief at the flex point
• Vapor-proof bond protects connection from moisture, air, dirt, dust, oil and abrasion
3-Piece Heat Seal
• Tensile strength: 2,200 PSI
• Elongation: 600%
• Rated at 600V
• Female – Superior clamping power even after many connections